Are Bell Motorcycle Helmets Good?

There must have been many times, there have been many numbers, many pictures, articles, reports related to traffic accidents that startled us. The rate of bikers riding at high speed, causing accidents, is very high. That’s why helmets are extremely necessary.

Over the years, “BELL” helmets have reigned as a global helmet brand. It is loved by users around the world for its reliability, features, and design. However, does BELL live up to that expectation? Are BELL motorcycle helmets good? Let’s find out soon in this post.

Why Do You Need a Specialized Motorcycle Helmet?

The reason to wear a specialized motorcycle helmet is to protect yourself.

When you ride at a speed of about 100km/h, the impact force if an accident occurs is very large. In motorcycle-related injuries, traumatic brain injury accounts for about two-thirds, causing high mortality or severe sequelae.

There is no other way to overcome this situation than to wear a helmet when riding motorcycles on all roads. Specialized motorcycle helmets are specially designed to protect and limit head injuries in the event of an accident.

In addition, for riders who have a personality and want to show their nature, a helmet will also be an indispensable unique accessory. With just a few stickers, repainting, or drawing yourself, you can customize a boring, traditional headwear into a one-of-a-kind product. Imagine how cool that would be, bikers?

Are BELL Motorcycle Helmets Good?

BELL helmets in racing tournaments

BELL helmets in racing tournaments

Here comes the answer.
Without a doubt, BELL helmets is a top helmet brand that any biker should consider.

Belal Helmets helmet company is an American brand. BELL was founded in 1923 by Bell Auto Parts in California and began manufacturing motorcycle helmets in 1954.

Over nearly a century of development, the brand has become one of the most popular symbols in this industry. It is one of the leadings in researching and applying advanced technologies to maximize safety while optimizing user experience.

The company has recently taken another step in the revolutionary process of bringing the most advanced safety technologies to the masses with its Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology.

This technology is designed to control energy from rotational and angular impacts. The Qualifier DLX marks the first time that MIPS technology has been incorporated into a street motorcycle helmet.

BELL is also the sponsor of some of the most famous Formula1 drivers worldwide, such as Lewis Hamilton – the speed king with a world record, Charles Leclerc or Antonio Giovinazzi. BELL is a brand that speed riders can trust and firmly steer on for long journeys.

Which BELL Helmets Should You Choose?

BELL has many product lines for you to choose from, typically including:

  • Circuit – Full Face Helmets
  • Circuit – Open Face Helmets
  • Rally
  • Karting
  • Dirt Racing
  • Offshore

Circuit – Full Face Helmets

A full-face helmet is a perfect choice for speed lover

A full-face helmet is a perfect choice for speed lover

Full Face lines like RS7 Carbon or RS 7 pro black are the perfect choice for guys who love adventure and high speed. This product is designed with a sturdy shell made of durable, lightweight polycarbonate material, good strength.

The weight of the hat is about 1500g, not too heavy, which will make you feel comfortable over long distances. The Bell Fullface Hat is equipped with soft and smooth foam linings that hug the head, creating comfort and increasing safety for the wearer.

Understanding the need and desire to bring safety to the crew while on the move, Bell engineers designed the Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) system, which helps ensure the safety of bikers in bad weather conditions.

In addition to the solid shell, good bearing capacity, the Full Face Bell Qualifier hat is also equipped with a ventilation system, multi-slot ventilation to help you feel comfortable and cool when running long distances or at high speed.

In particular, the designed cone form ensures aerodynamic principles, helps to minimize drag, and prevents tipping backward, giving riders a smooth and gentle experience when participating in the daily traffic situation.

Circuit – Open Face Helmets

Special design for a full protection

Special design for a full protection

For the Open product line, BELL focuses on the young user segment, moving in the city at a speed that is not too high. Open Face helmets like the Mag-10 Carbon have a hat form designed with rounded corners, subtle minimalism.

The manufacturer also focuses on youthful colors that will make the owners of this hat cooler and never out of fashion.

However, this does not mean that BELL ignores safety criteria. The helmet is designed from high-quality carbon-bearing material, creating maximum safety for bikers.

Bell engineers added a shock-absorbing foam directly to the cheeks, which the lining of conventional hats only protects around the head. This increases safety next to the removable foam layer, giving you more peace of mind when going on long trips.

Where Are Bell Motorcycle Helmets Made?

All products of BELL helmets are designed by leading engineers in the US and Europe and then sent for processing in China. Therefore, when receiving the product, all BELL helmets’ labels will be labeled Made in China.

All genuine products of the company BELL helmets will only be sold when they meet its strict safety standards. Users should rest assured when using the product and do not be too busy with manufacturing.

How Long Does Bell Helmets Last?

According to information that mentioned before, the company’s products will ensure the best quality for three years. That means, in theory, you should replace your helmet with a new one every three years.

However, the usage time may be longer if you use it in a normal environment and there are no strong shocks.
Anyway, it’s a good idea to regularly check your hat’s condition to know when to replace it with a new one. You can take it to the original BELL helmets facilities to check.


In sum, Are bell motorcycle helmets good? Absolutely.

BELL helmet is a longstanding brand in the development and production of motorcycle helmets in the United States. The company has always been at the forefront of technology and is trusted by many famous racers. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the quality of BELL’s products.

Check the website for more information about helmets. Thank you for reading.

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