Are Modular Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Without a doubt, a helmet has become an indispensable item for anyone who uses motorbikes as the main means to travel. This promotes producers to provide a growing number of diverse options to satisfy the customer’s soaring demands.

Along with this popularity, there is an outstanding item drawing attention from motorists – modular helmets. So, are modular motorcycle helmets safe? If you are also looking for an answer for this curiosity, let’s dig in with now.

What Is A Modular Helmet?

Modular helmets (or modular 3/4 helmets) belong to the open-faced helmet types, which are equipped with hinges and integrated sun visors. These parts are specifically added to boost comfort for users.

Modular helmets allow you to flip up the cover with ease. Based on this feature, many are stuck in a popular misapprehension that they are engineered for smokers. In fact, manufacturers have determined this product simply for those who prefer to enjoy the fresh air while parked or at stoplights.

These helmets are not recommended to put open-faced on while driving. This option should be used only when you are at a stop station to talk with others.

If you would like to breathe pure air in the middle of your trip without taking the helmet off your head, you can also wear this type of helmet. The reason for this heed will be unveiled in the next section of this post.

Are Modular Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

After accompanying us through the key features above, we believe you have a clear view of modular helmets in the recent market. Now is the right time to answer about the main topic today. are here to confirm again that Modular Motorcycle Helmets are safe. Just keep in mind that don’t skip fastening the safety belt, which guarantees that your helmet will not come off if you fall down.

Yet, the degree of safety isn’t superior to its opponent- full-face helmets.

What Pros And Cons Of Modular Helmets?

Modular helmets lack the safety functions as a full-faced product offers

Modular helmets lack the safety functions as a full-faced product offers

Convenience is the first advantage that pops up promptly in our minds when someone asks about the strong point of modular motorcycle helmets. The capacity of flipping front modular 3/4 helmets permits your face to be exposed, making it easier to speak with others.

Generally, whenever you fill up with petrol, the store clerk will require you to take off your helmet to see your face.

With a modular helmet, you just need to gently turn the front screen over to show your basic appearance to them. We bet that they will feel happier to meet you next time.

Nevertheless, modular helmets lack the safety functions as a full-faced product offers. This helmet’s design allows you to flip its chin bar up, which means that your helmet’s forepart will encounter impact easier than a full-face one.

How to Compare Modular Helmets With Full-Face Helmets?

When it comes to the most common helmets on the current market, we have to mention modular helmets and full-face helmets. Many motorists find it quite hard to vote for which one is superior to the other.

In order to have a lucid comparison between this couple of motorcycle helmets, we are going to discuss three key aspects as below:


A helmet is an essential item to protect your head from some threat on your tour. Thus, the safe side becomes one of the mandatory factors to consider having the right choice.

In terms of this criterion, will examine the material and ripeness of each product. Thanks to the prominent design with no aperture on the outer shell on full-face helmets, there is no probability of it splitting in the case of a drop. Therefore, a full-face helmet is superior to its opponent.

In the controversy, the protection ability of a modular motorcycle helmet is not as good as its competitor. Yet, its finishes and great material reach higher quality than most standard ones.

When using a modular 3/4 helmet, bear in mind that its helmet strap plays a vitally essential role in your safety. That part will prevent your modular helmet from falling off in case you get a fall.

Noise Insulation

How well noise insulation depends on an array of different factors

How well noise insulation depends on an array of different factors

The next feature you need to heed before deciding to choose the correct helmet for you is noise insulation.

In fact, how well noise insulation works depends on an array of different factors, such as the kind of motorbike you have, how suitable the helmet’s size you choose, and some external factors (like weather, construction sites around you, to name a few). A helmet without a slinger will often have a noise level higher than a helmet with a strap and screen.

Accordingly, a full-face motorbike helmet is a product that satisfies better acoustic insulation than a modular one. Why do we have this affirmation?

Because it is not only equipped with a protective screen and strap but also without aperture. This allows them to become one of the best types of noise insulation in the current helmet market.

All these above factors make a full-face helmet really become an ideal option for your long tour with your motorcycle.

On the other hand, based on those above factors, the acoustic insulation ability of modular motorcycle helmets is a little poorer than its opponent. Yet, if you choose the one with premium soundproof material, you don’t need to worry anymore.


A helmet is an essential item to protect your head from some threat on tour

A helmet is an essential item to protect your head from some threat on tour

Regarding the comfort criteria, a modular helmet stands out from its opponent – a full-face helmet.

As mentioned in the first section, you will be more comfortable communicating with others when you wear a modular helmet. Another example can convince you about the inconvenience of using a full-face helmet.

If you lose your way and want to ask some local people for directions, you cannot just flip your full-face’s helmet protective screen up. In that case, you have to take your helmet completely off.

Bottom Lines

Are modular motorcycle helmets safe? Once you are still here with us, we are confident that you have already had an answer to this question. In addition, you also got a better view to pick the right helmet suitable for your needs via this blog.

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