Is It Cheaper To Buy A Motorcycle In The Winter? – The Answer Is Here!

Is it cheaper to buy a motorcycle in the winter? Which motorcycles are suitable for winter? Click on this article, as we’ve all the details you need!

Pricing is probably one of the most nerve-wracking factors that we have to consider before purchasing anything. When it comes to motorcycling, it would be best to know the best time in a year – winter, to purchase a motorbike.

Thus, the most frequently asked question is, “Is it cheaper to buy a motorcycle in the winter?”. Let’s follow our article to learn more about the reasons and other useful information related to this topic!

Motorcycles Suitable For Winter

Triumph Tiger 800

This model is on top of an all-around decent motorbike. People who rank Triumph on the top list said that this machine provides bikers with every feature needed ranging from commuting to touring at an affordable rate.
Regardless of the weather or location, Tiger 800, coming with a light clutch, accomplished gearbox, and flexible throttle adjustment, will give you the feeling of confidence. In addition, the motorcycle also supports maximization use of the pillion space, adjusters for seating, and wide storage under the seat.
Triumph Tiger 800

Triumph Tiger 800


Dating back in 2004, BMW added the R1200GS model to its already well-known sport motorcycle BMW family. Particularly, the machine can speed up to 130 miles per hour due to a strong 1,180CC boxer twin engine.
The seat height is around 860mm, and the weight of 250kg makes the BMW R1200GS a versatile motorbike.


Honda Blackbird

The third name on the list of the best motorcycles in winter is the Honda Blackbird. Overall, the motorbike is famous for numerous reasons and most remarkable for its versatility and reliability. Even though Honda firstly introduced the Blackbird model in 1996, this model is still in favor of the biking population.
Coming out to the market at the weight of just around 220kg, the Honda Blackbird can still provide users with a top-notch speed of 190 miles per hour and a 1136cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine.

Suzuki GSX R1000

The fourth name that receives great attention from bikers is Suzuki GSX R1000. This motorcycle is not only suitable for winter use but also for summer touring. Since 2001, Suzuki GSX R1000 has been keeping on enhancing and updating its features throughout the years.
Bikers opt for this model for three reasons: built weight, engine power, and handling.
Suzuki GSX R1000

Suzuki GSX R1000

Specifically, the motorbike weighs nearly 210kg and comes with an approximately 1000cc 4-stroke four-cylinder. The built-in liquid-cooled engine in the machine could speed up to 180mph at ease. About the seat (811mm), the biker can adjust its height with a ground clearance of 121mm.

Kawasaki GTR1400

Finally, Kawasaki introduces the GTR1400 model with a powerful 320 CC engine that can provide 140-mile-per-hour speed. Talking about its seat height- 815mm, the bike can bring confidence and comfort to bikers.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Motorbike In Winter?

Now, let’s find out the answer to “Is it cheaper to buy a motorcycle in the winter?”
Simply speaking, there are various reasons for the preference of buying motorbikes in winter. However, we will only discuss the top five reasons why it is cheaper to purchase a motorcycle in the winter.
The first reason is that this time of the year is when the biggest sales promotion events occur, such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc. During these times, everything normally goes down, especially the deep discount on electronics, bikes, and motorcycles.
As you may know, one of the biggest investments in a motorbike is its riding gear. In wintertime, there are often several sales discounts applied on these things. Hence, buying a motorcycle in winter not only helps you save money on your bike but also cuts down on the expense you have to spend on motorcycle-related equipment.
Black Friday Comes With Price Discounts

Black Friday Comes With Price Discounts

The second reason explaining the cheaper rate of motorcycles in the cold season is that fewer people travel by this vehicle in winter. Yes, you are right if you think people avoid riding on motorbikes because the roads are sliding like hell.
Now, let’s use some knowledge of microeconomics here! If the demand for one good goes down, it means that the price will also reduce. It happens in the same manner to motorcycles, allowing bikers to purchase the motorcycle at a lower rate in winter.
At the end of the year, many manufacturers often give discounts to buyers to encourage them to purchase the motorcycle versions of the current year. Specifically, the reason is that there probably will be several new types of motorcycles about to be released the following year.
Then, to reduce the costs for storing and space, these distributors are willing to replace the old versions with the new ones, leading to a drop in the price of the motorcycles. This “swap” selling strategy is also used to familiarize users with the new models.
The fourth reason for buying a motorcycle in winter is that many owners want to clear their garage and storage at this time. Hence, they tend to sell their stuff inside the garage to clear the storage space.
And as mentioned, motorcycles are not often used in a long winter, and keeping them in good condition requires money. The above practice explains a drop in the price of motorcycles.
Garage Clearance Offer Many Products At A Lower Price

Garage Clearance Offer Many Products At A Lower Price

The last reason for discounts on motorcycles in the cold season is that many dealers have a certain quota to meet. And what happens if there are some motorcycles left? The dealer now will cut down on the rate to push these motorcycles away.

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this writing has provided you with a specific answer to “Is it cheaper to buy a motorcycle in the winter?”. As mentioned above, this is the time when you can purchase the cheapest product!
Have you found a suitable motorcycle from the above list? As a note, please remember that “You get what you pay for.” Sometimes, the lower price can go with a poor quality product.

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