Should You Start Your Motorcycle Every Day?

Many people in the field consider that you should always ignite the engine every day if you don’t ride your bike often; otherwise, the engine will not run properly later!

But in all honesty, should you start your motorcycle every day? That’s what we intend to find out in this article! Scroll down for more!

Why Should You Start Your Motorcycle Every Day?

Why Should You Start Your Motorcycle Every Day

Why Should You Start Your Motorcycle Every Day

If you own a motorcycle, especially when you live in places with four seasons, you will hear people advising you to kick up your ride every day. In winter, when you cannot take your ride outside and actually make use of it, starting it inside can be quite a hassle.

So, should you really start your motorcycle every day? The answer is a big “Yes” since it helps your bike engine maintain itself more efficiently.

In detail, it is the same with how you move your body around and do exercise to keep yourself fit; your motorcycle needs to be switched on every once in a while in order to avoid certain ailments caused by inactivity.

Specifically, you should start and keep the motor running for at least 15 minutes every week in case you cannot start the bike every day. Three main benefits come from running the engine frequently: letting your engine lubricate itself, ridding condensation buildup, and keeping your battery alive!

Now let’s have a closer look at each benefit!

Keeping All Engine Components Lubricated

Your engine will thank you later if you start it during its break

Your engine will thank you later if you start it during its break

This is the main reason people will give you if you ask for engine starting purposes. Your motorcycle engine has up to hundreds of little bits that keep it going, and these bits will spin, run back and forth, or generally rattle around to make up the functions you know and love.

The engine needs to have a layer of oil between the parts to continue function properly.

Therefore, oil problems are essential factors of why your bike engine breaks down after a long while of inactivity. There are all sorts of different oil problems like oil deficiency, oil expiration, or wrong oil usage.

Hence, you should pay attention to the array. The best way to keep the motor running smoothly is to let the engine run, spreading its lubrication in the process.

You will not want to keep your engine all dried up. If all the components do not move frequently, they will get stuck in one another and become very tough to separate.

The parts will not be able to move when you take your bike out for a spin later, so you will likely bust your engine.

Moreover, there will be quite a few gears and bolts getting oil even when you leave your bike unattended. But the rest of your engine, especially the essential parts like the piston, valve springs, and all types of rods, will need the movement for the oil to move about and ease the joints.

Eliminating Condensation Buildup

Your gas will be ruined if you don’t start the engine

Your gas will be ruined if you don’t start the engine

When you leave your gas inside the tank for too long, it will go bad, or its molecular structure will start to break apart and become thick, sticky, and unusable.

Consequently, carburetor buildup (the professional term for gas spoiling) is one of the most widespread problems people have with their motorcycles. To avoid this, you should start your motor engine more often!

This is also one of the key reasons why gas-fueled machinery in your house refuses to get back up on its feet after a nice long rest in winter. Luckily, a simple 15-minute start every week or 2-3 days will be able to solve this problem!

By letting your motorcycle engine run, you essentially let fuel be circulated through the engine, rather than having the carburetor collect fuel for it to go bad later down the line.

If you are thinking of draining your tank empty before putting your bike into the shed, we advise that you stop yourself from doing just that. Specifically, draining your tank will cause rust in the tank itself.

The best solution is to combine the 15-minute start with a fuel stabilizer to prevent the tank from forming rusts and gas from becoming gummy. A container of fuel stabilizer should be available at any hardware stores or vehicle part shops for you to pick up!

Easy Battery Maintenance

Even a scooter will need some ignition every week

Even a scooter will need some ignition every week

The third reason why you should start your motorcycle often is to maintain your battery’s quality and capacity. Trust us when we say your battery will go bad if you leave it in the shed for too long without use or in cold storage. You will not want this situation to happen!

Charging the battery often is one thing, but letting it run and be put into use is a completely different story. Your battery will not run even at full capacity if the fluid inside is left unattended for too long.

Simply switching on your vehicle is a surefire way for you to easily save money on battery replacement.

Do not waste your money on batteries- a part that is essentially effortless to care for but also very expensive to fix and replace.

Another reason why you should start your motorcycle engine while not using it is to maintain your tire stretchiness and overall quality. T

ires are definitely more expensive than batteries, so you will not risk having to buy new products for both categories. Save your money by spending a little bit of time out of your day to ignite the engine.


That should be the answer you need for the question “Should you start your motorcycle every day?” Your bike’s engine needs as much care as its exterior requires, so it is no surprise that it needs to be activated every once in a while! We hope that this article helps you to take care of your sweet ride for a later date!

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