What Cc Is Good For A Beginner Motorcycle? – A Quick Guide

Are you a newbie in motorcycles? If you are, do you know what CC is good for a beginner motorcycle? Let’s find out more in this article!

When you first enter the world of motorbikes, you probably think that the size and the weight of the motorcycles are the most important factors to consider. Yet, the CC level should be on top of priority.
Choosing the right CC for a motorcycle for beginners is a nerve-wracking problem because there are several CC levels for you to choose from.
In this article, we will help you by answering the question- “What CC is good for a beginner motorcycle?”. Let’s find out the answer!

How Much CC Should A Beginner Ride A Motorbike?

First of all, we need to know what CC stands for and understand the numbers that go with CC. This term is the abbreviation for Cubic Centimeters, which measures how fast and quick the motor engine can accelerate. The higher the number in the CC is, the more powerful the motorbike engine, meaning that the bike can speed up more quickly. However, the higher engine also consumes more fuel and a higher chance of risks for beginners.

How Much CC Should A Beginner Ride A Motorbike

How Much CC Should A Beginner Ride A Motorbike

As a beginner, you should start with engines with small CC, including 50CC, 100CC, 300CC.

50CC is the lowest engine power that a motorcycle can have, being the most suitable for newbies. At this level, the motorcycle will accelerate to the speed of 30mph- much slower compared to the 100CC and 300CC engines. Yet, slow speed also means higher safety.
In terms of 100CC, this engine is also compatible with newcomers as it gives users a friendly experience. Both 50CC and 100CC engines help save fuel usage.

The last CC we recommend newbies trying is 300 CC. Even though the fuel-saving feature of this engine is not as economical as the previous CC, this power level allows beginners to speed up to 140 miles per hour and keep a stable pace of 50-70 mph.

Normally, beginners with a little knowledge and experience in riding a motorcycle can pick 100 CC and 300 CC models. Still, the best advice is to kick start with the smallest CC-50 CC.

Motorcycles Under 100CC Are Suitable For Newbies

Now, let’s talk about motorcycles that are under 100 CC for beginners.

AJS Firefox 50

The first nominee is AJS Firefox 50. This model with a 50cc engine will surely satisfy you wherever you head to. About the design, the motorcycle has a vivid and sporty look, making it fashionable. The 4-stroke air-cooled engine built in the machine can save fuel usage in its 4,7-liter fuel tank, so you do not have to worry about running out of gas when traveling through the traffic.
Another special feature of Firefox is its lightweight (85kg) and affordability. The seat of this motorbike( 825mm) is higher than average, requiring you to take a ride test to see if this bike suits you.
Additionally, you can buy AJS Firefox 50 for around 1900 dollars.
AJS Firefox 

AJS Firefox

Sinnis Encanto 50

Next, let’s have a look at the classical Sinnis Encanto 50.
This model possesses a strong build and nostalgic appearance with disc brakes, making this bike extremely worthy of purchase. The only drawback we see in Encanto is its limited under-seat storage, but you can skip this weak point as this 50cc can handle well over 120mpg.
Sinnis Encanto is only 80 kg heavy, being the lightest bike on the list.
Moreover, the product comes to the market at around 1800 dollars. Quite affordable, isn’t it?
Sinnis Encanto

Sinnis Encanto

Peugeot Kisbee 50

The third name on the list of best motorcycles under 100 cc for beginners is Kisbee 50. This model has an appealing design that easily catches the attention of any youngster. This bike is a safe model for beginners with a front disc and rear drum brake system, as braking responses are never easier.
Besides, the Peugeot Kisbee 50 has a massive fuel tank (6.5 L) compared to other bikes on this list.
With a compact size and an acceptable seat height of 760mm, this 50cc bike offers you a relaxed and comfortable ride.
Finally, the Kisbee sells at around 2800 dollars- a wise option for new riders.

Yamaha Aerox R

Yamaha Aerox R will not let you down for the following reasons.
First of all, Aerox R supports a 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine- a perfect motor engine for newbies. The fuel tank of this bike is 6 Liter, which is big enough for a long journey without worrying about running out of fuel.
The weight of the product is 97kg, and the brakes are front-and-rear disc style. Hence, your safety is guaranteed.
You can own this bike in exchange for 3800 dollars.

Sym Jet 4 50cc

Sym Jet 4 is a well-known model for the stylish design and user-friendly experience it brings to bikers. Not to mention this model is super affordable to newcomers- 2400 dollars. Being convenient with a highly fuel-saving injection and a pretty big fuel tank( 5,4 L), the
 Sym Jet 4

Sym Jet 4

Sym Jet 4 can take you on a couple of tours around your city.
However, this model is the heaviest one compared to others on the list (110kg).

Kymco Super 8 50

The final name on this list goes to Kymco Super 8. With a 4-stroke air-cooled engine, 14″ wheels, this bike offers stability and comfort when riding. The fuel tank is big (6L), making it stand out from the crowd.
This model is available in two distinctive colors, blue and orange, bringing a dynamic and energetic feeling to all your journeys.
In terms of the selling price, Kymco Super 8 goes to the market at 2500 dollars.

The Final Verdict

Overall, 50 CC, 100 CC, and 300 CC engines are recommended for new users. 50 cc is for absolute newcomers, while those latter ones are for drivers with more skill.
Hopefully, this article has found an answer to “What CC is good for a beginner motorcycle?” Safe riding!

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