Where Can I Sell Motorcycle Helmets?

Perhaps keeping your old helmets piling up in your basement to use in the future is not a great idea for your storage space. Saying goodbye to your gears is hard, but we are here to help!

Read this article on “Where can I sell motorcycle helmets?” to find a better home for your old stuff and let others use them!

Where Can I Sell Motorcycle Helmets?

Can you sell used motorcycle helmets? The answer is a solid “Maybe.”

If you can’t find yourself using your old motorcycle helmets anymore, the best way to get the correct value back to you is simply to sell them! Even though you can sell the helmets yourself, salespeople will be able to reach a wider audience of bike enthusiasts like you, thus, having a higher chance of giving your helmets a new home!

The two choices of destination that Motorcycleclick.com provide to you in this section of the article are based on your helmet’s use conditions, so take that into consideration before you send your babies away.

Helmet Stores:

Ensure the condition of the helmet is still good enough

Ensure the condition of the helmet is still good enough

Some (not all) helmet stores or bike gear stores allow you to bring your own helmet for them to touch up and sell. Specifically, you first need to find these shops and contact them to know more about their selling policies and the possible rate.

Most stores that allow reselling will ask for the following qualities from your old helmets:

  • Usage conditions: Unfortunately, if you want a helmet store to sell your helmet, the product itself should not be used prior. In detail, this condition is to keep their products sanitized and up to standards. The stores will likely take in helmets you have not used or look like new, so do not worry too much!
  • Warranty: If the product’s warranty plan has not expired, there is a high chance that the helmet store will consider it. The existence of warranty plans coming with a helmet has two implications: the helmet was bought recently, and it can still be repaired should anything happen to it. Those are two good signs for those in the helmet business!
  • Parts: The helmet should have all its original parts to be considered sellable. Hence, ensuring that all its buckles and bolts are screwed in tightly and wholly is a great strategy to have your helmet on a store’s shelves. If you have replaced any helmet parts with your tools, perhaps it is best not to bring the helmet to the stores.

Usually, stores will allow you to name your own price, but your number should not go over 50% of the original tag since it is still a resell product. Besides, there will still be price adjustments before sending the product out into the market (since the sellers might not find your price too compelling).

The sellers will also decide whether or not the price should change, depending on how fast they want their product to fly off the shelves. Usually, helmet stores will keep your product in their stock for 60 days, and if they cannot take the product off their shelves, the product will be returned to you.

Moreover, be honest about what you are trying to sell so that others after you might have an easier and safer time with your helmet. Helmets are supposed to protect a person’s head when they receive impact, so false specs or parts can kill a rider.

There will be professional dealers at the shop to estimate your product’s worth, so it’s best that you don’t lie about your product.

Secondhand Shops:

Your helmets will go through a careful assessment

Your helmets will go through a careful assessment

The process of selling your helmets at secondhand gear shops is very similar to that at the helmet shops Motorcycleclick.com have mentioned above.

They will take in your helmet and assess whether or not it is in good enough condition to be sold at the store. When your gear passes the test, they will set up a meeting with you to decide on the product’s price.

Yet, the way people assess your helmet over at secondhand shops will be a little more light-handed than at professional helmet shops. But the qualities should line up with one another to a degree.

Please expect to see your helmet price reduce to around 20-40% of the original price at secondhand stores. Since the standards for the product are much lower, the price is also decreased to suit the quality.

Where Can I Donate Motorcycle Helmets?

Your helmets will be able to help so many people when you donate

Your helmets will be able to help so many people when you donate

If you cannot find a home for your helmets, why not try donating them to those who will need them in their job?

Emergency Services will always require safety gear, so perhaps you can try heading there to see if they have helmet donation options. Particularly, fire and police departments are the most likely places for your helmets to become useful.

Please bear in mind that your helmets will not be used for rides when donated to Emergency Services. Instead, they will be used for novice officers to learn how to take care of those who wear helmets in accidents.

One of the common scenarios for training is “how to remove the helmet on an injured motorist,” so donating your helmets increases your chance of being saved by the services!

You can also consider bringing your helmets to nearby schools as well. Kids will find their ways to turn their helmets into their toys in recess, and teachers will be able to demonstrate safety lessons on them! Additionally, make sure your gears are clean when you say goodbye to them.


That should be all the information you need to know for the question of “Where can I sell motorcycle helmets?”! Trust us when we say your old helmets will serve a better purpose when you send them away rather than keep them in the shed to collect dust! We hope that you will make the right decision, and best of luck to you!

Check the website Motorcycleclick.com for more information about helmets. Thank you for reading.

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