Can You Put Stickers On Motorcycle Helmets?

Some decoration for your helmet must be a good idea to show your own taste while still keeping it functions very well. But how to express yourself creatively? Can you put stickers on motorcycle helmets?

Is it safe for use? Stop thinking and check out this writing! Here will help you out with all the needed information.

Can You Put Stickers On Motorcycle Helmets? Is Helmet Put Stickers Good?

Some helmets are from the manufacturers

Some helmets are from the manufacturers

The answer is definitely yes; you can put stickers on your helmets. However, there are some things you should take into account before making your decision.

In some cases, the stickers can protect your helmet from getting any scratches, which is a really good point. They can also help to reduce the pressure on your head once the crash happens, which is a unique benefit that helmet producers possibly offer you as additional protection. However, this protection is mostly right if the stickers are delivered by a reputable helmet brand.

Every coin has two sides, so do stickers. Some stickers might be a barrier to the inspection of cracks. Indeed, any hard helmet requires a regular check of any damages or crack. The inspection is quite important as the unknowing crack might injure your head in any crash.

That being said, some stickers can also impact the protection ability of the helmet. UV radiation can cause a major effect on the helmet materials’ durability over time.

More specifically, stickers contain adhesives so that they can stick to your helmet. These adhesives can chemically react to the helmet material and damage the duration of its material, which can lower the sustainability against serious attacks.

You might now understand how important it is to pick an appropriate sticker, right? Let’s continue reading to find out which label you should have on your helmet!

Labels Are Often Affixed To Helmets

Too much label might hide the crack of your helmet

Too much label might hide the crack of your helmet

Stickers must go with adhesive to bond it to the helmet. In case the craze solvent is not compatible with your helmet surface, it can weaken the plastics, leading to crack in the under in many directions. Though the amount of liquid is not much, it can harm your helmet after a time of use.

To assure your helmet is still sustainable from any pressure, you must have stickers that are adhesives matched with the helmet shell. Some stickers materials are compatible with most of the helmet materials out there, including Lexan, PET, ABS, Polycarbonates, EPU, and polyurethane.

The ASTM committee discussed in December 1999 that whether adhesives available in the industry might impact the protection function or not would depend on the helmet materials. They also claimed that the 3M PSA would not have adverse impacts on the helmet shells too.

Hence, recommend you inquire with the helmet manufacturer what type of stickers are harmless to the shell. Some shells from cheap helmets have many glued or taped on, and the added adhesives might not be much of a problem.

However, for safety reasons, you should ask the sticker producer for a suitable adhesive before deciding which sticker to put on your helmet.

During 2001, some stickers from K-OS Designs were certified suitable for all types of certified helmets. Next up, the Snell Memorial Foundation reassures such a statement by saying the KOS sticker is safe for its certified helmet.

Now, you must have a clear view of which labels materials you should choose. If you are still wondering about which sticker designs you can have, continue reading and find your own ideas.

The Hobby Of Putting Labels On Helmets

You can have stickers showing where you are from

You can have stickers showing where you are from

There is no wrong or right time to have a custom label for your motorcycle helmets. This protective gear is crucial for the rider to bring all the time when riding.

There is an endless option of stickers that you can have. More impressively, you can even put bumper stickers to spread awareness of riding safety.

While a helmet is primarily for motorcycle riders’ safety, it can also make your appearance stand out and show the personality of your style. Helmet stickers at retailers might allow you to express your uniqueness, hobbies, and interests as well.

Helmets stickers can be on any topic. Other than just your own personality, some motor manufacturers have their own stickers as an advertising method.

Some shops even have their stickers with unique logos to enhance loyalty and attack the attention of customers.

You can also have labels invoking the local pride if you are the one who hopes to have your homeland emblems. As a motorcyclist, you can have your helmet to show your regional identity through a customized helmet.

And for some labels, they can be an additional safety function rather than just for the look itself. The outer space of the stickers can trumpet when you hit any hard objects, which is really helpful to keep your head safe.
In some cases, you can even transfer the messages through these labels.

You can ask the label maker to have your own unique version, whether your message is a legal reminder for everyone to keep wearing a helmet on any ride or just a slogan you think of. Sounds amazing, right?

Some Last Words

That is all to help you find out the answer to the question: Can you put stickers on motorcycle helmets? Stickers are not only the decoration for your helmet but also as additional protection for your head in some cases.

But remember, you should have the appropriate glue that does not harm your helmets’ protection function at any potential crash. Hopefully, you will find the unique sticker for your helmets soon.

Check the website for more information about helmets. Thank you for reading.

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